Kind of a Collective..... Stafett and the uncertainties of collaboration. (...) What is the difference between influence and collaboration? What is the difference between the flows of ideas and images that circulate the world and come to land here, or there, in a brain or in a work, and the deliberate co-operation of two or more artists on the same object? The question already assumes oppositions between the general and the specific, between flows and a thing, between "everyone" and a small group of people. These oppositions that are too fast and take too much for granted. The artist's collective Stafett – comprising of Minda Andrén, Jennifer Gelardo, Flavio Palasciano and Alexander Jackson Wyatt – deliberately evades such presumptive distinctions, because they utilise various modes of influence and collaboration in the fluid medium of their process. Their work, or works (depending on how you look at it) emerge from a group dynamic that begins from direct influence, produces individual works, and ends in a collaborative curating of the exhibition. But where precisely influence ends and collaboration begins in this process is difficult to pin down, and quite charmingly evades effective definition. (...) words by Stephen Zepke, Vienna 2018