another description

She had not yet figured out where
the daily confidence with which
she conducted herself came from.
Just that one thought to another
she’d rather surf than meditate.

They say it’s discouraging to be
given the cold shoulder, to be left
with the frustration of observing.
Staying at a distance even though
you’re excited about what’s going
on over there.

Not to say that she was intimidated
by rejection, quite the contrary,
she liked it. That’s the whole story,
she simply wanted to join.

Maybe you do as well, but for that
you really need to give up these
defiant reactions, like feeling dis-
appointed: Just as I consume,
shit or fight, I look at you.

Think of it, a harmony where things
don’t control people. An empty room
in which conflict means giving up
empathy and the role of theory
is to find a lover.

words by Jennifer Gelardo, Vienna 2017